(¿) Upside down question mark shortcut for Ms Word [2024]

Works with Microsoft® Word® 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 2021, 365 and above

Upside down question mark (¿) also known as Spanish question is used to start question in Spanish. Of different ways to type it in Ms Word the following are the two useful shortcuts for typing upside down question mark.

Microsoft® Word® upside down question mark shortcut

Shortcut 1: Alt Code

  1. Hold down Alt key
  2. While holding the ‘Alt’ key, type 0191 (the Alt code for the inverted question mark) using the numeric keypad

Note: This method works only while typing 0191 from dedicated number pad.

Shortcut 2: Keyboard shortcut

Word keyboard shortcuts for inverted question mark are:

Ms Word® (Windows®) keyboard shortcut: “Ctrl+Alt+Shift+/”

Ms Word® (Mac®) keyboard shortcut: “Shift+Option+/”

Shortcut 3: Autocorrect Entry (smartest way)

You can also create autocorrect entry for inverted question mark symbol. Here, you can assign symbol to user defined text that gets automatically replaced to symbol as below.

Set up shortcut text (Autocorrect) for upside down question mark symbol

  1. Copy upside down question mark symbol (see this shortcut).
  2. Go to Files → Options to open Word Options
  3. Navigate to Proofing and click AutoCorrect Options button to open Auto Correct window
  4. Type auto replace text (e.g. /inv? or any other text you want to be replaced by (¿)) below Replace column in “Replace text as you type
    autocorrect shortcut-for inverted question mark symbol
  5. Click Add to add the shortcut and close Autocorrect Window